Products and services

The products and services, relying on a RFID technology, allow the traceability of procedures compliance and flows related to hygiene, medical care or tasks. The developed automatons carry out controls, monitorings, recordings, calculation, data storage to provide:
-alerts in case of non compliance of hand hygiene
-graphic situtation hygiene compliance in real time, by professional category and by department
-statistics, configurable
-flow information of personel, useful for management of departments

Their goal is to establish a conformity level of hand hygiene among hospital or food industry workers according to prerecorded protocols.

The main products are:
 Hand hygiene automatized audit kits
MHT: monitoring and alert equipments in surgical blocks and sensitive departement (intensive care)
PSR: traceability of cares or tasks equipment
Medtrace: data processing software
SHA View: supervisor consumption of hydro-alcoolic solutions
Access control