Hygiene and health procedures traceability

Health medical care, medical procedures and hygiene traceability is meeting diverse and complex issues.

Hospitals, clinics and other health sectors are concerned.

The clear objective in hospitals or clinics is to reduce the rate of severe pathologies related to poor hygiene vigilance or to a lack of thoroughness in the medical follow-up.

We can distinguish at least three types of traceability requirements:
hand hygiene, through regular audits performed by registered organizations such as the CLIN
Medical care and procedure codification (including hand hygiene)
Staff flows and access controls.

Concerning research, two sectors can be covered:
 Containment laboratories: they have specific issues with the protocol compliance and with procedure traceability; their requirements are very high
Hospital research departments: the traceability (procedures, medical care and hygiene...), the flows and access controls bring an experimental thoroughness.

For other health sectors (dentistry, imaging centers...) the goal is to prevent a sanitary risk by the reinforcement of hygiene-related protocols

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