The audit and traceability of hand hygiene with Ephygie Hand

Ephygie Hand is developing its activity in the field of hand hygiene  traceability and medical procedure in hospitals and food-processing industries.
Its association with Micro BE, an engineering company with widely recognized skills and expertise in ICT and RFID, led to the creation of:

MediHandTrace SAS, specialized in automatized audit and hospital traceability, with an international sales and marketing team.
Standard or adaptable solutions are available depending on the scenario posed.

Heading an industry consortium dédicated to traceability, Ephygie-Hand is involved in:
-the analysis of customer environment
-communication among health actors
-new projects leading
-intellectual property

The pilot traceability equipment set up in the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (ITD) hospital north of Marseille have made excellent services and have been validated. The entire ITD service was provided. Its participation in several development hygiene and care traceability projects, positions the industry consortium as a recognized actor in the fight against nosocomial infections.

Institutional partners